Our FAQs

Lawsmyth is a legal aid/Lawyer booking site/directory that gives you access to qualified lawyers in different fields.

The first step is to register on the site as a user. This provides your preliminary details, making it easier for you to search legal aid providers / Lawyers in your area.


Next step is to work through a detailed search, finding a Lawyer you are most comfortable with, and then booking them for the time slot most convenient for you, as long as they are available.


We will send you reminder notifications leading up to your appointment, after which, your Lawyer will stay in touch as they talk you through your legal issues.

Absolutely. Lawsmyth was set up to make legal aid accessible, even when you are out of coverage or away from your normal practice. Simply search for Lawyers local to you, and you can see one today! 

The administrative fee of N10,000 payable when the lawyer accepts the appointment secures the appointment and gives you access to the legal aid service on the go. Payment for legal aid services is discussed between Lawyer and user, and you pay the Lawyer directly. Our Lawyers work with patients with insurance or self-pay, with many of them happy to receive payment at appointment.

All our Lawyers are self-employed and essentially run their own practices, so we suggest contacting them in the first instance to try to resolve the issue. If the problem persists, then kindly contact us here.

Yes! As long as your Lawyer is competent in the field you need, you may certainly work with them to get the most out of your visit. Lawsmyth only charges per visit, and you will only be charged once for each appointment with a Lawyer.

We need to check that it is really you who has applied for an account, so sometimes we’ll ask to see some documents to verify your identity and address.

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